GRADUATE ATTRIBUTES are the qualities, skills and understandings a university agrees its students should develop as part of their degrees (Bowden et al., 2000).

While many universities have adopted and implemented their own sets of Graduate Attributes (GAs), the names and definitions of these attributes vary substantially between universities and no universal model of GAs has been proposed to date.

In a previous study, we used lists of GAs from 27 universities across the UK to construct a universal model of graduate attributes. We identified 43 attributes and grouped them into 7 categories.

In this survey you will be given the names and descriptions of these attributes and your task will be to place each attribute into one of the pre-defined categories. Based on your decisions in the Categorisation Task you may be asked some follow-up questions. This survey will help us validate and refine our model by looking at how you and other participants decide on the appropriate category for each attribute.


We recommend you use a computer or tablet to complete it.

The survey has been programmed to work with most browsers and on most devices. However, the categorisation task may be difficult to complete on a smaller screen such as the one on a smartphone.

Consent form

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I understand that my participation in this project will involve completing a survey including an interactive graduate attribute categorisation task. This will take no longer than 30 minutes.
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I understand that I am free to ask any questions at any time and can discuss my concerns with the experimenter (Gabi Lipan), or the project supervisors (Dr Amy Irwin, Dr Emily Nordmann, and Dr Joy Perkins).
I understand that the information provided by me will be held anonymously so that it is impossible to trace this information back to me indvidually. Information will be held on a secure hard drive and may be retained indefinitely.
To ensure access to the data for the wider research community, the anonymous dataset maybe archived in an online repository (e.g., the Open Science Framework) or send to other researchers upon request for inspection.
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This consent form will be stored electronically on a password protected server and separate from any data collected for a minimum of 3 years after the conclusion of the study.
I consent to participate in this study conducted by postgraduate student Gabi Lipan in the School of Psychology, University of Aberdeen under the supervision of Dr Amy Irwin, Dr Emily Nordmann, and Dr Joy Perkins.
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Designed and coded by Gabi Lipan @ The University of Aberdeen
This survey is part of a PhD project funded by the ESRC and Skills Development Scotland